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Not sure what I'm doing!

Ok so if I read this right the whole point of this is so I can leave a bit about my day!

Well it sucked! I've just about stuck to my points (30) But is been hard today, I'm not hungry I'm bored and when I get bored I snack, so I've been fighting the urge to raid the kitchen!

It didn't help that my in laws brought my daughter a big bag of milky ways! So there sat in the cupboard calling me!

I'm determined to loose the weight, I was a heathly 13 stone and 6ft 2 years ago, but then a car accident put me in a wheelchair, and mainly due to depression! But also lack of movement I've gone up to 25 stone! (and lost 1/2 inch in height!)

I will loose the weight, I just need some help! Which I seem to have, my friend is on WW with me and I've met so many lovely people online at WW 5+.

So what the hell today has gone bad, but I'm still on track! Hey this journal thing works!

See you all later!

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